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shallow-focus image of pink roses with the Bartram House in the background

June 23, 2019 | , , , ,

Make + Take: Summer Solstice Flower Essences (2019)

In this workshop, participants make flower essences– energetic plant medicines that are especially well suited for emotional issues. The process is simple, empowering, and ecologically sustainable. We’ll talk about the history of flower essences, and when and how to use them. With this basic knowledge, participants will know how to make flower and environmental essences and can continue to do so on their own. Everyone will go home with a flower essence they make. Kelly McCarthy is a clinical herbalist…

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A post, about 4-5 feet tall, painted in bright colors and various symbols. Behind the post is a garden and birdbath.

June 24, 2019 | , , , ,

Garden Sanctuary Workshop: Garden Totems (2019)

Totems are representational symbols of peace, community, family, and culture. They depict personal stories using symbols, motifs, words, colors, and patterns. You will be encouraged to explore and learn techniques that will help you discover and express your true spirit. This workshop will be led by Denys Davis who is a visual artist, published author, museum curator, and award winning interior designer who has traveled across the country speaking on African art & design. Members: $15 Non-Members: $20 Southwest Neighbors & ACCESS…

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A light blue fabric flag with the word "Peace" written on it, other colors of fabric sewn below, and arabesque doodle. There is a red peace sign but someone left out the bottom middle line, so it is actually just a circle divided into thirds.

July 15, 2019 | , , , ,

Garden Sanctuary Workshop: Prayer Flags (2019)

Prayer/Affirmation Flags are made as a visual expression of dreams and hopes. They are hung outside with the belief that the intentions will be carried with the wind to all corners of the Earth. This ancient and sacred practice began in India, thousands of years ago before spreading to Tibet, as a way to create sanctuary in various spaces. The workshop will be led by Asake Denise Foye-Jones who is a fiber and mixed media artist that has honed her craft…

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Several stacks of handmade soap on a wooden table, with a blue ceramic jug, tall bottle of oil, and rose petals all around.

August 20, 2019 | , , ,

Soap-Making Workshop

8/20/19 6-8pm Learn the art of creating healthy, safe, hand-crafted soap using everyday natural ingredients such as essential oils, butters, and herbs that can be found in your own kitchen or garden. Members: $15 Non-Members: $20 Southwest Neighbors & ACCESS cardholders: $2 $2 tickets for this event are available to eligible Southwest Philly neighbors and/or ACCESS Card holders! If you have either an ID with a SW Philly address or an ACCESS card, you can claim your $2 tickets to by visiting us…

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A woodland path bordered by green trees

September 12, 2019 | , , ,

Make + Take: Full Moon Medicine Magic (2019)

In this season of plant abundance and full moon magic, we’ll talk about creating rituals with the moon – ways of bringing the energy of the full and new moon into one’s life and how some of our local weeds can support that magic. Everyone will make a bundle of herbs to burn for clearing energy and other ritual purposes, as well as an infused oil to charge under the full moon. This workshop will encourage participants to reach into…

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close-up of a bright purple cacao pod growing on a mossy branch

October 10, 2019 | , , , ,

Make + Take: Chocolate and Green Tea (2019)

Chocolate and green tea have long, global histories and myriad health benefits. In this workshop, we’ll dive into the traditional cultural medicinal uses and colonial histories of both these plants. We’ll talk about how they are currently used to improve vitality and support chronic health issues. We’ll sample lots of green tea and chocolate, and everyone will take home a medicinal hot chocolate blend, as well as recipes to try. Kelly McCarthy is a clinical herbalist and educator based in…

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Close-up of a branch covered in ice and snow

February 2, 2020 | , , ,

Make + Take: Herbal Toolkit for Seasonal Depression and Anxiety (2019)

We’ll take a look at plants that can alleviate acute and chronic anxiety and depression and discuss the most effective method of using them. Herbs that address underlying imbalances that lead to mental health challenges will also be covered. No prior knowledge of plants or herbal medicine required! YOU WILL GO HOME WITH: an on-the-go sampler kit that will help you to figure out what plants are most effective for you when stressful situations come up. Kelly McCarthy is a…

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