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April 22, 2018 | , , , ,

Make + Take: Spring Tonics (2018)

As plants start to grow again after the long winter, our own metabolism and energy also increase. Spring tonics like nettle, dandelion, chickweed, and cleavers have been used to help us transition into a faster-paced time of year. Come learn about these early medicinal herbs and make a spring tonic vinegar infusion. If you have an empty 4oz to 8oz glass jar with a lid at home that, please bring it in to be reused. If not, we’ll have a…

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June 21, 2018 | , , , ,

Make + Take: Herbal Bitters Cocktails Make and Sip (2018)

Using common plants, we’ll make our own herbal bitters — long used as a digestive and overall health tonic. This workshop will cover the historic and medicinal properties of bitter herbs, as well as guidelines for creating delicious cocktail bitters. If you have an empty 4oz glass jar with a lid at home, please bring it in to be reused. If not, we’ll have one on hand for you. All materials provided. General Pricing: $25 Member Pricing: $20

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July 12, 2018 | , , , , ,

Make + Take: Summertime Tinctures (2018)

Being able to prepare tinctures from scratch makes herbal medicine more affordable and more convenient. This hands-on workshop will cover the ins and outs of making alcohol-based extracts of either fresh or dried plants. Everyone will go home with their own jar of a seasonal medicine and the knowledge required to make more tinctures, on your own, at home. If you can bring a 4-8oz glass jar with a lid, that would be great. Materials provided. General Pricing: $20 Member…

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November 18, 2018 | , , , , ,

Make + Take: Herbal Salves (2018)

Learn to make infused oils and salves for everything from bruises, scrapes and bug bites to arthritis, stiffness and inflammation. We’ll talk about which local plants work well in oils and salves, and troubleshoot some common salve-making mistakes. You will go home with a 2 oz. jar of all-purpose healing salve that we’ll have made together during class. General Pricing: $20 Member Pricing: $15

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January 13, 2019 | , , , , ,

Make + Take: Herbal Toolkit for Seasonal Depression & Anxiety (2019)

We’ll take a look at plants that can alleviate acute and chronic anxiety and depression and discuss the most effective method of using them. Herbs that address underlying imbalances that lead to mental health challenges will also be covered. No prior knowledge of plants or herbal medicine required! YOU WILL GO HOME WITH: an on-the-go sampler kit that will help you to figure out what plants are most effective for you when stressful situations come up. $15 members; $20 non-members.

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